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Jul 1 15 4:27 PM

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This month (July) there is a selection of various SONG ROLLS for sale on the  NWPPA  web site at < >.

Why not pay us a visit, and remember your  2nd roll will be sent POST FREE  (P&P 1 or 2 rolls £3.25, 3 or 4 rolls £4.25 UK Only).

                                      Remember to order early as last month (MELOTO rolls) over half the rolls were sold smiley: smile.

The masters fingers on your piano

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#1 [url]

Jul 6 15 8:58 PM

With Picture of rolls this month

There is a picture of the rolls this month - big improvement,

Only 1 sold so far (6th July) so have a look.


Play it again Sam.

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