May 31 15 12:03 PM

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Items for sale on NWPPA Web Site  smiley: eek


The 'new' North West Player Piano Association  web site is now up and running  at  www.pianoa.org.uk   (Google < nwppa site >) and the short FOR SALE/WANTED section has been improved and now includes a selection of Pianola rolls.


These  rolls will be for sale at a fixed price  The first selection, added on 1st June, will be  MELOTO rolls and  July's selection, to be added in the 1st July, will be SONG ROLLS.

It is intended that a new selection will be added each month so set your 'diary reminder'  to look at the site every month.  selections of 'NEW' rolls and 'FOREIGN' rolls will follow in the next few months.

Items are available to all comers, but NWPPA members will be given preference for the first 7 days for each listing, so get your offers in now. 



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