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Details of  all NWPPA meetings for 2015 are now available on our new website at http://www.sites.google.com/site/thenwppa/meetings/  smiley: eyes  If you have any problems with this link then please google     < nwppa on google >   and follow the link.

This year we are holding our second 'Workshop', this time entitled  Basic Maintenance of your Player”.    For details of this and our other meetings please see the NWPPA Website and contact the relevant member of the NWPPA either by EMail or using the Telephone Nos. on the website  (This is so we can keep contact details up to date.) 

Our first Workshop last year 'Music roll repair and conservation'  proved very popular with those who attended  " We congratulate the NWPPA for organising this useful workshop and especially for David giving his time to impart his wealth of knowledge and also to Hazel for the excellent refreshments and lunch. A grand day out." 

Please Note the VENU for the second meeting (18th April) has been changed as Tony is still unwell.   It is still being held in Nottingham but now with Richard and Jane Bartrop.  They have a very nice Webber  foot operated player which is modified to play any 9 hole per inch (88 note) scale roll.  Please bring along a couple of rolls, 88note, Ampico, DuoArt, even Recordo? and put it to the test.   Meeting starts at 3.00pm 18th of April.  Ring Richard (and Jane if you want refreshments!!) on  0115 9282751 to book a place.

To join the NWPPA contact our Membership Secretary Derick   http//www.sites.google.com/site/thenwppa/Home/new-members


Bob Kissick    [NWPPA WebBod.]


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