Nov 25 14 11:48 AM

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1917 Weber 88 Note Upright Pianola for sale.

Attractive ‘French’ style case  in very good condition - quartered veneer on all sides and carving on legs and front panel columns.   Considerable work done to both player and piano actions.  All pneumatics recovered, re-tubed etc.  Bass re-strung several years ago - holds tune well at A440.  This is a large instrument with a very good tone.  Has not been played by hand for some time and would benefit from some regulation to piano action now.  Comes with proper sloped-top Pianola stool.

Can be seen/heard playing here:-

After three tedious Ebay ‘sales’  (a non-payer, a non-communicator and a downright dodgy character!) it’s open to offers as space is very much needed.

Located near Devizes, Wiltshire - England.