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Aug 8 14 12:22 AM

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Hi!  I recently purchased my first player piano and I just wanted to know some of the basic rules for handling them.  While a roll is playing, can someone still play simultaneously without disturbing the pianola?  Can I stop the piano in the middle of a note (in order to study which notes are played in that moment) by turning the speed down to zero, or is this bad for the instrument?  Finally, how do I repair and load a roll that has been torn?  Any sites (other than this one) I can go to in order to learn more?  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope you can help!
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Aug 30 14 10:10 AM

Why not Join a club?

Hi There

Don't know where you are from (your site name sounds French?) But I suggest that if possible you join a Player Piano based Mechanical Music club. There are Two active clubs in the UK that hold regular meetings, The PPG based in the South East , and The NWPPA (us) whose meetings are generally held further north  - see the website at  for this years meetings.  We also hold joint meetings.

You will be made very welcome at either and will be able to pick up tips on your player.

Bob Kissick (NWPPA WebBod)

The masters fingers on your piano

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Feb 27 15 2:52 PM

NWPPA is still active

Please note that the Web Address of the NWPPA has changed to 

In our recent post on this topic we gave the web address of the NWPPA at Freeserve, This site is still there but Freeserve in their wisdom have removed access to update the site smiley: mad , This means that the site is permanently fossilised as it was at the end of 2014 smiley: frown.

The new site is not complete yet (Mar 2015) but is UP TO DATE with all our current meetings listed for 2015 and some interesting items in the 'For Sale' page that are actually available.

                               Thanks for reading this

                                Bob Kissick   (NWPPA  Librarian and WebBod )  

The masters fingers on your piano

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