Aug 7 14 11:47 AM

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I have an Obermeier Imperiola, early 1900s player piano with 65-note mechanism. The mechanism just about works but is wheezy and needs an overhaul. The piano has a reasonable action for manual playing, but is about 1/4 tone off correct pitch and the bass strings can't be re-tuned due to their age. The case was restored by the Tyneside Piano company in about 1995, but has a couple of dents from moving house. It comes with a dozen or so "Meloto dance rolls" and stool.

The inability to tune it correctly is causing problems for me as my own playing improves and I'm looking to accompany other musicians and sadly it makes more sense to buy a different piano than to pay for a complete re-string of the Obermeier.

I'd really like to find a good home for it, so if there is an enthusiast with a couple of mates and a van who want to collect it we're in South Wales.