Jul 30 14 10:59 AM

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Hi There

I  recently bought a mixed batch of rolls and some of them (65 note only)  were manufactured by  "Colleys Patents Ltd" of 18-20 Farringdon Road, London, E. C.   The numbers I have range from 1098 - 1285.

I've never seen this maker before, although other's members have,  I suspect that they must have been fairly small - or local to the SE.   Has anyone any more details,  like;- were they an independent manufacturer (not just a 'name' roll), and how big a catalogue did they have.

The only reference on the internet seems to be a short reference in the MMReview of March 24th 1906 as they were asking for a distributor/Player Mfg in the USA to exchange distribution rights.

The article says " In conversation with a number of American piano player manufacturers who visit London occasionally they expressed an entire unacquaintance with this firm, "

I do love that word 'unacquaintance', although the spell checker doesn't !

Anyone have more details please ???


Bob Kissick. 

Play it again Sam.