Jul 16 14 8:56 PM

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Hi all,

I got a player piano which had no fungus inside back then. When I brought it home I cleaned it with a vacuum cleaner, took out all keys to remove a mouse nest underneath hehe, the usual stuff, etc.
It seems like my living room is too humid, because I opened it after two years and I noticed that there are fungus on many parts. I saw white bloosomed stuff on the different wooden parts, on the felth of the hammers...

What can I do? Are they harmful? What is the best way to remove them and prevent them to appear again?

he piano is agains a wall that divides my house and a yard from my neighbour next door. Maybe they appeared because of that? Can I use somekind of isolation material between the wall and the piano to avoid this or is it just that the room is too humid? Sometimes all the house is humid for some days according the weather outside, and it takes a while until it gets a bit more dry. Maybe using some chemicals that absorbe humidity inside of the piano will help?

Thanks in advance!

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