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Jun 10 14 9:11 PM

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I did a fairly comprehensive restoration of a Kastner Autopiano over 3 years ago which I then sold. The new owner now has a problem and I'm hoping that someone on the forum can give me a few pointers and jog my memory as to what may have happened so I can relay this to the owner.

Apparently it was working fine but then not used for a year due to being inaccessible whilst the room it was in was renovated. When attempting to play it again he said that when a roll is loaded and the pedals pressed that the mechanism operates but the piano is completely silent so I assume there is no suction supply to the tracker bar. Oddly, he also notes that when the 'silent' button is pressed he notices a slight increase in pressure / effort on the pedals (?)

He says that all the tubes and leather nuts appear to be in place. Can anyone familiar with Autopianos suggest what might be wrong please ? Or, is there anyone who lives in the Stoke-on-Trent area who would be willing to have a look at it for him please ?

Than you for any responses.  

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Jul 11 14 3:53 PM

Located centrally below the keybed and between the two reservoirs. Remove the front cover of the unit and check the operation of the valves, sometimes the spring acting on the end of the valve stem becomes dislodged.

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