Apr 22 14 11:59 AM

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We have "inherited" a John Broadwood and Sons - Ludwig Hupfeld pianola and over 30 scrolls (65 & 88 duo) which we would like to see go to a good home for a nominal amount.  It does work, although not being musical, we have no idea of what attention would be needed to bring it back to a good standard.  We are advised that for an enthusiast it would be considered to have an interesting and good quality pianola action.  If anyone is truly interested we would be happy to provide serial number, photos and measurements or if you are in the Reading area you could come to view.  Any buyer would need to collect as we are unable to transport something of this size/weight.  (We would consider selling all the scrolls as a single, separate lot - they are not currently cataloged, but there are a lot of foxtrots!). Hope to hear from someone soon image