Mar 2 14 1:05 AM

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Hello everyone! I have just recently brought a Weber half Duo-art pianola that is going to be my next project. I've had a quick look over and the piano action looks fine but it definitely needs new damper felts and a good tuning! The player action has survived very well, all strikers are still working well but the Half Duo-Art box and air motor have seen better days! One thing I am trying to solve is a problem with the tracking mech. It is the kind with metal sensors that glide along the edge off the roll as it passes over the tracker. The problem is that it tracks fine whilst the roll plays but in rewind it is terrible causing the roll to jam on the one side of the spool and tearing (luckily I only used a very damaged roll!) it is still tracking when rewinding (as I know some players shut off tracking when in rewind). I was wondering what this may be caused by as it has baffled me for the time being!