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Feb 21 14 7:46 AM

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hi all,
i am ready, my forst home made player piano motor is ready to use. it fits exactly in my steck half duo art. it was a long job, it was 1 cm too long because i forgot to calculateĀ  the door before the pedals. it was very difficoult to make it shorter because the box was ready.202267b8da5a9a0db1ed9a0d0745691f0e855e50b2f16a885bafb4da0be1e36fe8eef958da6d080aa8f26d08415f8adbbdfd480048321e053337051c98c16b8d5cafb6d809ed1b739790a26d60fe6c18ef3264f8ee5d8aedb3dd790f81602cf287822c447a0263a8d95c7a0bb97de500881d85550ce9955aba5266c81351ba40b58d6506fb96dc609d9e2bfa68a167835facb0d809a5e466c7635eddf50aae97

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Mar 1 14 11:12 PM

Hi, no, All my pianos are, or have been refurbished. I just admired your workmanship.
Hal Klassen, 1911 Heintzman Arts & Crafts upright. 1922 Mansfield Recordo upright, 1929 Symphonique Ampico B grand

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