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Nov 25 13 9:57 PM

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Recently taken proud ownership of an aeolian half-duo-art pedal upright.

Notes play fantastically, none sticking or quiet, good vacuum, bellows all in good order, regulator seems to keep good time and action on the piano good but the expression and sustain levers have no resistance and no effect. Pedals do nothing too with the rotary selector switched to 'pedals on' and a Themodist roll playing. With the selector on any setting other than duo-art there's air leaking somewhere to the bottom right of the keyboard (no doubt in the area of the expression box).

Had an explore under the case this weekend (first time I'd had the time) and the accordion is securely gaffer-taped up and there are no tubes from the box to the right to the accordion sections (pic attached, I think?!).

I knew this was going to be an exciting project and I'm looking forward over time to getting the instrument back in to full operation. Having read around, I'm becoming aware of the intricacies and things to look out for in reviving something this complicated but wanted to know if this taped accordion is a common workaround to a particular fault before I started more invasive investigations.

Looking forward to a little help!

Thanks in advance,


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Nov 30 13 6:53 PM

Bodged Historic Expression Box Repair/Workaround

Hi There
Tried to reply to this several times - Forum wouldn't let me.smiley: eek (seems to be working now?)
Your best bet is to join one of the 'Pianola' groups.  Google < pianola uk >.
If you get this visit the NWPPA Web site  < > - its simple but it works.
If you give me (Librarian/WebBod) a ring we can have a chat
Bob Kissick
for NWPPA smiley: glasses

The masters fingers on your piano

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Dec 5 13 5:01 PM

Sorry  we were out - Went to a Talk on Barrel organ manufacture in Manchester by Roland Antonelli,smiley: pimp
his grandfather was one of the few actual manufacturers of instruments in Manchester -
The Antonelli barrel organ and piano factory on Great Ancoats Street.- 
It was very good - with pictures of the works from around 1900.
Try and ring again any time (well any reasonable time Thumbsup.)

Bob Kissicksmiley: glasses

The masters fingers on your piano

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