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May 20 13 11:13 PM

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Hi, my latest project is a pianola dating from around 1918. It was stocked by William H Russel & Son of Leicester and was named by them. The player action is in remarkably good condition and all I can see is it needing some new rubber pipes for the exhauster system and the striker pneumatics recovering! My first question about it is how much would I be looking at to get it tuned up? It is extremely out of tune and all of the C notes are currently playing B flat, I would like to know as I need to save up for it! As for the piano action, it looks like it only needs new damper felts as it is working very well but has notes quietly echoing after the dampers have returned.
I'm hoping this one will turn out well, it is a 82 key player with a transposable tracker bar,

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May 21 13 10:38 PM

Hi 8760247,

Your question about the cost of tuning is not one that any forum member could answer accurately. Your best bet would be to contact a local tuner and enquire about the likely cost of such work. As you're looking to raise the pitch by approximately a whole tone, your instrument is likely to need a minimum of four tunings, based on my own experience. Hope this helps!

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