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Jan 13 13 1:59 PM

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I've re-listed the Steck on Ebay.

Lots of 'watchers' and questions last week - but no bids!

This really needs to go to an enthusiast who'll appreciate it. It requires the usual pneumatic rebuild and action overhaul etc - but is complete and structurally sound.

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Jan 17 13 4:39 PM

Sorry to see there have been no takers for this so far. Were it not for a recent purchase that has been shoehorned into my last bit of remaining space, I'd very much like to own this myself.


Ian McLaughlin

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Jan 17 13 5:03 PM

Yes it's a pity - I would have liked this to have gone to another enthusiast who'd appreciate it.

There were the usual questions (does it play/why doesn't it work etc etc!!!) and around thirty 'watchers' at one point - but alas no bids!

Predictably I was contacted by an Ebayer immediately after the auction closed - presumably offering to 'take it off my hands' for nothing!

It's in my dry garage at present (a proper building with dehumidifier etc). The plan is to get the building sound-proofed - hence my wanting the Steck out of the way during the work (I already have enough pianos in the house as it is!).

Unless another PPG member or enthusiast shows any interest I'll probably just keep it and work on it as time permits.



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