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Dec 17 12 5:56 PM

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Hello all. I have two upright ampicos. Rogers and Marshall & Rose. And although both working, they both have noisy box pumps. Would the problem be? Bushes or what? Are they easy to service? Brian
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Dec 17 12 10:16 PM

Ampico pumps are famous for the knocks they make! The connecting rods are the problem, particularly the ones with self-adjusting wooden wedges in them. It's a specialism in itself, to judge by what you read.


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Dec 19 12 4:59 AM

ampico pump

John Tuttle is very helpful and on the phone, he explained why he didn't list bushing cloth. He requires a careful measurement of the thickness of the old cloth [micrometer] and will then supply the right amount. You will have to make a dummy connecting rod to make sure of alignment. Good luck. Hal

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