Dec 1 12 1:46 PM

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Hi There
I have not been a member of this Forum for very long, but have noticed that most members do not have a 'Location' in their profile, often not even a Country.
Whilst privacy is important I feel that giving a general idea of location realy is of interest to other members (Mine is simply 'North West England') Experiences can be very different even within the same country.
Also It is no good suggesting a visit to the Music Museum (London) to help solve a problem by looking at an Exhibit if the Member lives in Australia. or even Scotland for that matter.

So how about some of you semi-anonymous Members adding a location to your profiles next time you post.

It is easy to do - just log in and go to your profile. Add a location (and anything else you may fancy) and then REMEMBER to press SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
Thats it - easy.

Play it again Sam.