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Nov 25 12 12:20 PM

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Hi, I am looking for someone who could possibly recut an 88 note roll for me? It is 'yes! We have no bananas' on an angelus artistyle roll (plays as a normal 88 note roll). There is damage to the front of the roll and heavy buckling that is causing many base notes to play during the first few seconds after about 1/5th of the way it is fine. Is there anyone who could help?
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Nov 25 12 3:08 PM


Julian Dyer here in the UK recuts rolls from scans/MIDI. However, I don't believe he does single cuts so you would have to purchase the lot (I think it's four copies) and sell the other three to friends or so on. His web site is below:

Many Thanks

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Nov 26 12 1:44 AM

I don't think this is a particularly rare roll and it may be easiest simply to get another original! I can certainly copy it, cutting 4 at a time. I have the Metrostyle version already scanned, which is most probably the same arrangement.


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