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Aug 17 12 8:43 AM

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After a gap of 20 years I wanted to 'return' to pianolas, so I bought an upright 88 note Steck on eBay for £40 and set about getting it back to playing condition. It took only four days to strip, recover, re-tube and re-assemble everything. And its working quite well now. I am very pleased with myself. It cost about £250 in materials though. I want to do some more regulation on it to even the notes up and am looking at the capstans on the top of the pneumatics. Is there a tool for this? Its easy enough with the stack out but quicker for finer adjustment to do it in-situ. The tool should be quite long also to reach down about 12 inches. Any ideas?
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Sep 12 13 12:44 AM

Need Steck info

Hi Player pianoist! I m a nubbie to the site but now having 2 old American players I will be looking to some of you experts for direction.

I just recently acquired a George Steck & Co.  Duo-Art Pianola - SN #62018 (?). I think that is the SN. It is on a plastic like label with the Duo-Art Pianola label attched. My web research says that the SN should be onthe frame between the base and treble strings but it ain't thar!
Unfortunately, the player giuts are gomne on this one but the piano is well regulated after sitting in a garage in humid Ohio for 6 1/2 years! It is also fairly well tuned! Just a few sour or ringing notes.

i would like to rebuild the player in this piano as to spec even if I have to make the parts myself (I work in a machine shop/ model shop). Any help in fixing this up would be grately appreciated.


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