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Aug 3 12 1:03 AM

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a trip around the Wilhelmsbau Museum and the adjacent Speyer Collection :
*1907 Brinsmead Angelus 58/65
*1913 Bluthner Hupfeld 65/88
*1904 Aeolian "D" Orchestrelle
*1926 Aeolian PDA Duo-Art
*1916 Gilbert Higel 88n

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Aug 6 12 4:51 PM

yes, from recollection they did a tour where they played their way through some of the instruments. The rest of the time a number of them are operable via a coin-slot like in the main Speyer machine hall.

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Dec 7 12 6:30 AM

Thanks Adam for sharing this!
I have heard that this building is a fascinating collection of rare objects from the 19th and 20th century, bringing alive the spirit of bygone time. Art Noveau and Roaring Twenties are represented here just like the era of Rock'n'Roll.

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