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Jul 17 12 3:35 PM

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Hi, I need to find some 88 note piano rolls for the combinola pianola that I am getting and wondered whether QRS still make piano rolls? I have read many articles about QRS ending production but their website it still up and running with a list of rolls available,
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Jul 18 12 6:42 AM

QRS are indeed making rolls, and you can see from their website what's on offer. I have been told that somebody goes into the factory in Buffalo whe stocks are low on a particular title, but it's only that one person there now.


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Dec 6 12 12:44 PM

Piano rolls were in continuous mass production from around 1896 to 2008, and are still available today, with QRS Music claiming to have 45,000 titles available with "new titles being added on a regular basis". Largely replacing piano rolls, which are no longer mass-produced today, MIDI files represent a modern way in which musical performance data can be stored. MIDI files accomplish digitally and electronically what piano rolls do mechanically. Software for editing a performance stored as MIDI data often has a feature to show the music in a piano roll representation

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