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Please feel free to forward this to other Welte-Mignon collectors!
If you have placed your order already many thanks! Some collectors have informed
me that they didn't receive this list so I am sending it one last time. Thanks
again! Mike


NEW WELTE-MIGNON Licensee recuts from the Kukral Collection!

Mike Kukral,

216 Madison Blvd., Terre Haute, IN 47803. Phone

812-238-9656 or

503-741-0960. Email:

[email protected]

Last year’s limited edition of Welte-Mignon music roll recuts was a tremendous
success by using a

pre-paid ordering system. I will use this same method again and therefore,

require your orders be paid to me before APRIL 25, 2012.

Simply use to pay [email protected] for your pre-orders or
send a check. Please be advised that rolls may not be available if ordered
after that date! I will be happy to send you a paypal invoice if you request
one. Note that rolls will be shipped June or July. Thanks. Mike


1262 Nocturne, Op. 16, no. 4, played by the composer Jan Ignace Paderewski.
Recorded in 1906 when the great pianist Paderewski was a younger man, this is a
very delicate and beautiful piece of night music for late evenings. Known for
his legendary performances, Paderewski’s compositions are really some of my
personal favorites and they will be yours, too. He often recorded this Nocturne
for the phonograph but this is a much better way to listen to it today. $19

2066 Pres de la Mer (At the Seashore) by Arensky, played by Constantine
Igmunoff. In 1910 Edwin Welte loaded a private railway car with his company’s
piano recording apparatus and went to czarist Imperial Russia. Here the great
Russian pianists recorded the finest music of their countrymen for Welte. This
roll is one of these recordings. Arensky’s music abounds with melody like that
of his colleagues Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. $19

3703 Seguidilla (Castilian Dance), No. 7 from the Spanish Suite, by Albeniz,
played by Ignacio Telleria. A rare recording from 1915 of this classic Spanish
piano piece. The music is so much a part of the national landscape of Spain in
color and rhythm and your Welte-Mignon piano will now bring this vivid tonal
portrait to your home. Exciting and wonderful music. $17

6117 Ballade, G Minor, Op. 118, by Brahms. Played by Katinka Narinska, a
student of Rachmaninoff, with power and passion. Narinska was a noted performer
of Brahms and this is one of his great tone poems or Ballades, composed later in
his career. A must have for anyone who loves and appreciates the great piano
repertoire of classical music. $19

7009 “The Irish Washerwoman” arranged by Sowerby, and played by Cecile de
Horvath. You will really like this roll! A fantastic arrangement similar in
style to the folk music interpreted by Percy Grainger. Everyone will recognize
this intriguing and harmonic tune and company will enjoy it, too! $17

7209 Waltz in C sharp Minor, Op. 64, No. 2, by Chopin, played by the legendary
Vladimir de Pachmann (1848-1933). One of the best known of all Chopin waltzes
played by a true 19th century pianist remembered for his wizardry and pianissimo
playing of all things Chopin. This is a fantastic demonstration roll for lovers
of classical music. $17

7251 Danse Andalouse, Op. 37, no. 3, by MacDowell. Played by the always
sparkling Persis Cox, you really hear the brilliance of the Welte-Mignon
reproducing piano here. MacDowell composed music of several national genres, one
of the lesser known being Spain. Stunning and flashy with lots of expression.

7295 Pezzi Infantili (Children’s Pieces) Numbers 1-6, played by the composer
ALFREDO CASELLA. An amazing and very important recording by this great Italian
composer and professor of music in Paris and Rome. Known for his descriptive
music, such as the Fountains of Rome, Casella interprets his delightful and
characteristic children’s pieces from fantasy to frightening. $22

7332 Memories of Bohemia, Op. 13, no. 2, by Bedrich Smetana, played by Professor
Richard Singer. In the 1850s Czech composer Smetana lived and worked in Sweden
and longed for his native Bohemia. During these years he wrote several haunting
piano pieces that are now nearly impossible to find on piano rolls. On his
return to Prague, Smetana would write the opera “The Bartered Bride” to exalt
his homeland and later “The Moldau (Vltava).” This is a very rare roll and a
fine addition to any music collection. $17

7334 “Sundown” (Hopekirk), played by Persis Cox. This is a dramatic art song of
the early Welte era and playing with enthralling power and passion by Persis
Cox. Her rolls are just wonderful and I hope to reissue all of them. I’m sure
this was a favorite of silver screen divas like Theda Bara and now it will be
yours! $17

7544 Ma Mere L’Oye (Mother Goose), including “Pavane de la belle, au bois
dormant; Laidernnotte, Imperatrice des Pagodas,” by Ravel. Played by Guy Maier
and Lee Pattison. This is an amazing piano work and almost never found on piano
roll recordings. Ravel wrote some of the early 20th century’s best descriptive
and characteristic piano pieces and this is one of them played by two of the
great pianists of the time. Do I need to say more? $20

7633 Cinderella (Aschenbrodel) Ballet Music by Johann Strauss, arranged by his
pianist Alfred Grunfeld, and played by Alfred Blumen. Don’t let the name fool
you! This is a grand and dramatic Viennese ballet filled with stunning waltzes
as you can only find on Welte. A late recording made in 1927, this is a very
difficult large roll to find. $20

7743 Negro Spirituals (Gift Selection), arranged and played by Harry Perrella.
Don’t miss this rare roll. Six well-known spirituals recorded in 1927 by the
very talented Harry Perella. A large roll, this music is not only a big part of
African-American culture, but a significant contribution to American history and
traditional music. Amazing arrangements and performance by one of the top
artists on the Welte roster. You always will enjoy this music. $22


75018 “Cossack Love Song; Song of the Flame,” (Gershwin and Strothart) played
with panache by Harry Perrella. A hot, swinging, ‘Russian’ fox-trot from the
show “Song of the Flame.” In the 1920s there was a fascination with all things
Russian (and Egyptian, too!) and this roll will have you clapping along. Break
out the vodka! $17

75213 “Just a Bird’s-Eye View,” (Donaldson) played by Johnny Johnson. A great
fox-trot from the roaring twenties. It’s easy to imagine sitting in a “blind
pig” and listening to this tune on the piano. Johnson’s rolls are always
creative and full of big sound. $17

75295 “Just Another Day Wasted Away,” (Tobias and Turk) played by Howard Lutter.
A great fox-trot played by the great pianist and Welte company musical editor.
Lutter really understood the capabilities of the reproducing piano and his rolls
really show off the piano, especially when playing a great song like this one.

75406 “Two Lips to Kiss My Cares Away,” (Warren) played by Walter Sturgis in
December 1928. The recordings by Sturgis are always desirable for their polished
style that really captures the era. A great roll and near impossible to find an
original copy. $17

75471 “Can’t You Understand,” (Osterman and Young) played by Ford Gray. Recorded
in October 1929, the month of the Wall Street Crash, this is a very rare roll
but now it can be yours! Ford Gray was an outstanding artist of popular music
and this roll doesn’t fail to please. It’s too bad he got into the roll
recording business at the very end of production. Don’t miss it. $17

AND…. One more

A Special 100th Anniversary of the Loss of the TITANIC on a commemorative 88-note piano roll:

“The Wreck of the Titanic” by William Baltzeli, copyright 1912 (Supertone
10072). A descriptive musical story of the maiden voyage and sinking of the
Titanic. I was surprised by the quality of music found here; it is like
watching a silent movie about the story of this great and tragic ship. No
lyrics or story on the original roll but if you know about the Titanic it is
very easy to follow the events through the music. $16__________________________________________________

***SHIPPING: I ship by USPS Media Mail. Shipping and handling for the first
roll is $5.00. Each additional roll is $1.00.

***SPECIAL: Buy the entire 2012 collection for $363 (includes shipping)

So that’s it!

Please don’t forget to get your paid orders in to me by APRIL 25, 2012 to ensure
your Welte-Mignon rolls this year.

Thanks for your orders!

Mike Kukral
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