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Mar 10 12 12:38 PM

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Hi, I am looking for some 65 note rolls to prepare myself for the piano player that I am getting! Does anyone have any of these titles:
The International Rag
Florida Rag
By A Waterfall (from footlight parade)
Oh! You Beautiful Doll!
Red pepper-A spicy Rag
Black and White rag
I don't mind what brand they are, as long as they are in a playable condition,
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Mar 10 12 9:08 PM

Hi , make sure you keep on eye on Ebay , as ive noticed more rolls then ever been listed now days. When someone lists 65 noter's there always in large batches which shows that there's till plenty around packed away in people's cupboard's

*1907: Orchestrelle Model V .
*1911 Steinway 65/88 Model I
*1912: Weber Pianola Grand. (currenty been
*1920: Weber Duo Art upright.

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Mar 10 12 9:54 PM

Obtaining ragtime 65n rolls is hard. Especially in the UK!

Our modern-day perception of ragtime is ONLY a reflection of the revival era of the 50s and 60s and 70s when people went out and rediscovered this music. In the UK ragtime really was not the main thing ever in the same way as it supposedly struck in the US. Again, the archival roll and sheetmusic piles tell the true tale even over there. Revivalists generally have overstated the omnipotence of especially instrumental ragtime and also piano solo ragtime. Ragtime music is just one of many strands of music in the era 1895-1915. To illustrate just how much revivalists skewed the historical record let me point towards Scott Joplin. Joplin's reputation rested upon Maple Leaf Rag in his own lifetime and a few smaller hits. He is almost impossible to locate in any historical archive search of newspapers and other ephemera from his area in his lifetime. In his lifetime he really was far far smaller than people imagine. Almost so small as to be invisible. The importance of his music is almost entirely posthumously generated though not unfairly so.

What this means for roll collectors is that generally LPs of ragtime piano rolls are a thousand-fold more common than the original article.

Never mind, help is at hand, later this year I will have my 65note perforater up and running and plenty new and recut titles for this format should again become easily available!



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Mar 11 12 11:45 AM

Hi, that's brilliant! It's very nice to see that there are still people who are willing to keep such a primitive form of music reproducing going! I may (one day in the future) like to make new rolls as I play the piano myself although I can easily gather it's not as easy as that!

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Mar 11 12 7:17 PM

Hi There P-1234

Can't tell where in the UK (World?) you are but I can confirm that 65N 'Ragtime' rolls are like Hens Teeth. I Think Laguna had a few on their Playtime lable, but this is now defunct.

If you are anywhere in the North of England we are holding a 'Pianola' concert in Manchester on the 12th May 2012 which will be 'played' with an Aeolian 'PushUp' Player. - Just Google < pianola UK > and go to the NWPPA website (40th Aniversary Concert) .
Two of our 'Active' members have Pushups - One is currently rebuilding one (+ Bits) in his Garage Near Nottingham and the other in Lancashire held a Meeting last year. NON RAGTIME 65N rolls do come up for sale at club Meetings.

If you need any other details please contact me Via the Association EMail address.

Bob Kissick

The masters fingers on your piano

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Jun 25 12 10:47 PM

Hi, thanks for that! I have a few more requests for some rolls. Does anyone have 'everybody works but father' and 'violets'? The arrangements I want are both on the early 'PIANO' rolls made by the orchestrelle company,

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