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Jan 7 12 11:11 PM

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As part of their 40th aniversary celebrations the British "North West Player Piano Association" (NWPPA) will be re-living the glory days of Aeolian and are holding a 'Pianola' recital in Central Manchester.
Full details will be released shortly, but the Pianolist is booked and the Venue is available - So please WATCH THIS SPACE. And keep Saturday afternoon free on the 12th May.

For details of other NWPPA activity please see our web site at:- or Google pianola UK north

The masters fingers on your piano

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Feb 21 12 6:13 PM

Further Details now on our Website

Further details have now been posted on the NWPPA website at
Or if you prefer just Google pianola uk north and click on the NWPPA Website.
Available details are under the heading "Aniversary recital"
We hope to post a full program in the near future.

Hope to see you all there.

The masters fingers on your piano

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Apr 3 12 12:46 PM

NWPPA 40TH Aniversary Concert

Furthur details including CONCERT POSTER and a PHOTO of the VENU are now available on our
website < > .

A full program for the Concert will be available shortly.


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Apr 15 12 11:24 AM

Details of the program are now finalised

The program is away for printing and I will post as soon as it is available

The list of tunes is now available on our web site : < >
Just click on the link.


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Apr 21 12 2:31 PM

We thoroughly recommend supporting live concerts with first-rate musicians like Michael Broadway!

To give you an idea of what to expect listen to these musical clips:

Dale Piano Sonata mvmt1 :

Moszkowski - From Foreign Parts (Italy)

Book now, join the NWPPA if not a member already, don't miss out on the opportunity to attend a live musical event such as this.

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May 15 12 5:40 PM

PICTURES from NWPPA weekend now on line

Manchester Weekend was Enjoyed by Everyone

We all had a great time, Forsyth's were very welcoming - and had some fabulous instruments to demonstrate. The food was A1 and Michael's Concert was Brilliant. On Sunday morning the Manchester Town Hall Carillon burst into life after a few minor hic-ups and in the afternoon the Lancastrian Theatre Organ 'Museum' was very entertaining, young Organist Matthew Hadley, who gave us a short concert on the WurliTzer, is obviously one to watch.

There are a few Pictures from the various venues on the NWPPA web site at < > so have a look and either re-live the occasion or see what you missed.

Bob Kissick

The masters fingers on your piano

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