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Dec 9 11 11:53 AM

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My Steck PEDA upright seemed to be working quite well when switched to Duo-Art mode. However, it has now suddenly started playing Duo-Art rolls at full volume. Physically, everything on the expression box (regulators / accordions / linkages) seems to be working normally with Duo-Art rolls and DA test roll, but everything is played at the same 'full on' volume. All the (new silicone) pipework seems to be intact, so where should I start looking for the fault ?

Thank you for any help.
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Dec 9 11 6:12 PM

Are the accordions collapsing? If so, air is getting into the expression valves somewhere. Most likely at the connector block between top and bottom actions. If the accordions aren't collapsed the problem's with the expression box!

A thing that the test roll doesn't check is whether the expression drops after a crescendo. A common fault is the accordion-return springs being too weak to operate when suction is on.

Another thing to look at is whether the 88/DA cutout is working properly, as if this isn't right the suction supply will get straight to the stack. The cutout pouches need air inlet to them to cut out the normal air flow and force the exhaust path to be through the theme regulator. Again, this isn't in the test roll.


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