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Oct 14 11 10:28 AM

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I would be grateful for any help with the following queries please:

1. When in motor driven mode, the auto rewind seems quite slow (takes approx. 40 secs. to rewind a medium length roll) or is this 'throttling' intentional to lessen the possibility of any roll damage should something go awry during motorised rewind?

2. When in motor driven operation, I notice the pedal operated bellows (all 3)
are 'exhausted' i.e. tightly collapsed - is this normal?

3. Again, when motor operated, the piano is uncomfortably loud. Is there any way of attenuating the overall sound for motor operation only? (volume is just right for pedal operation).

Thank you for any help.
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Oct 14 11 4:31 PM


The auto rewind speed is controlled by a slide valve and pneumatic on the back of the windmotor regulator, turn the leathernuts on the rod clockwise (in)
to increase speed. Also check that the pneumatic is not stuck closed (as per my previous post).

I've never noticed the pedal bellows collapsing in motor driven mode before on ones that I have worked on, though the reservoir will be operating, perhaps the internal flap valves are leaking?

Is the 'soft' switch operating correctly? It is usually situated on the top right of the spoolbox.

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Oct 17 11 8:00 AM

1) yes it is indeed intentional like steve says. I think it's a bit to slow, at least in mine, but bypassing the valve operating the slide makes it rewind to fast to my liking. I think I'll just go for slow.
the slide is operated by a pallet valve under the keyboard, the rewind/play lever will operate the pallet by opening it when in rewind mode. when you put a piece of tape over the hole or plug it the slide valve will be disabled and it'll rewind fast. -! I cannot be held responsible for any damaged roll !-

2) in mine the reservoir is blocked of when playing electrical, there's a flapvalve inside closing when playing electric. mine originally had a turbine pump. I now have my own question:
is the reservoir closing on instruments with bellow pumps? if it is I might have to change mine as it's now operated by a steamboat pump.

3) mine is very soft, but that's because it's leaking. I don't know what it'll do with regular 88 note roll, I guess play them very loud unless I hold down the expression levers.

-- Phonola 73-note vorsetzer (in restoration) -- Steck pedal electric Duo-Art (in restoration too) -- Citro├źn Dyane (drives great, but needs restoration too)

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