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Oct 9 11 7:21 PM

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I've got my Steck Duo-Art back together after checking / refurbishment. I made very careful notes / diagrams and took plenty of pictures when dismantling. However, on reassembly there is no suction getting to the air motor and it doesn't budge. I was hoping that with such a fundamental fault someone could advise me where I've gone wrong please.

There also seems to be excessive resistance (pressure) on the pedals (I haven't tried the electric motor for fear of damaging the pump). The only thing that seems to happen when the pedals are depressed is that the pneumatic on the Speed/Tempo regulator contracts (i.e. the unit from which the motor receives suction).

I would be grateful for any pointers please.
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Oct 9 11 11:59 PM

Have a look at the sliders in the tempo governor - if it's receiving air the motor should turn, and the only obvious block's the slider (or maybe the speed-reducer that cuts in on re-roll, but that should only slow it down rather than stop it). I presume you've bench-tested the motor and it runs OK?

You get similar causes to mute the stack, when the re-roll cutoff in the the expression box is not right.


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Oct 10 11 5:22 PM

Quite possibly the reroll speed reducer, that pneumatic can sometimes get stuck closed if the leather nuts are too tight or the thread on the rod can catch on the bushing cloth in the hole through which it passes or the spring strip which holds the slide valve over the hole is binding, also if it is tubed incorrectly. Also check the main suction tube to the motor is not kinked and has not become disconnected during reassembly.

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Oct 11 11 12:09 AM

Thank you for your responses. I'm embarrassed to say the fault was caused by a very basic slip on my part: on re-examining the tempo unit I discovered a gasket I'd replaced (under the motor take off nipple) on which I hadn't cut out the centre hole!

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Oct 11 11 1:33 AM

You are not alone, I have done that a couple of times myself
I am nearing the end of my own Steck Duo Art restoration and will be posting some tunes on youtube soon. Look out for them here:

All the best

Steve @ pianolacare

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Oct 11 11 6:53 AM

Ive done the same thing when i had my Hupfeld player , i put on a new gasket and wondered why my sustain no longer worked.............umm no hole was cut either...ops

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