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Jul 27 11 12:49 PM

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When trying to gauge how good the pump is, how much resistance should be felt when turning over the large pulley by hand with the nipple closed off?

For instance, should I still be able to turn it over with mild effort or should it almost lock up completely - or somewhere in between.

What is the start of the procedure for dismantling the pump? Should the lock nuts be released from the arms attached to the brackets on the bellows first and then does the concentric boss (and arms) draw off easily after the LH thread nut is removed?

Many thanks for any responses.
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Jul 28 11 1:14 AM

It shold lock up completely, or be virtually impossible to turn.

I recall taking my box pump apart by unscrewing the entire spider assembly from the bellows and removing it complete, then undoing the screws that hold the four separate pneumatics together. When I first put it back together the screws holding the spider to the bellows pulled a little loose under load and knocked, and had to be very firmly screwed into place. You need to dismantle and clean the spider assembly as well, taking great care to tighten the bearing lock nuts just right - the correct setting needs to be felt for, but there's very little leeway. Mind you, this was all 20 years ago and I've almost certainly forgotten most of the stuff!


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