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Jun 27 11 5:26 PM

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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a good replacement for the motor off switch on an upright Duo Art? Mine has just given me an electric shock and on dismantling it doesn't appear to have any insulation when in the on position thus the rod and brass cover become live.
Also a good replacement motor to drive the box pump, it doesn't matter if it is modern.
Thanks in advance.

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Jul 6 11 10:39 PM

Hi Steve,

as said on MMD I'll draw you a design of my relais, but I'll have to look up what I used... they were pretty simple parts and not visible.... it's mounted on the back of the piano and switch by low voltage and low current over the normal switch.

I'll see if I can make the drawing soon.

-- Phonola 73-note vorsetzer (in restoration) -- Steck pedal electric Duo-Art (in restoration too) -- Citro├źn Dyane (drives great, but needs restoration too)

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