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Jun 22 11 9:57 PM

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We have purchased a old house with all contents inside and one of the items is a Chilton player piano with a aeolian action that still works great and also has a matching cabinet that is full of the scroll music. I have not had any luck on the internet about finding information on it. It is in great shape with hardly a scratch on it and still plays music. We would something like this be worth if anything as my family has no piano players in it. what is it worth? Thanks for your help
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Jun 23 11 10:31 AM

What a nice find! There's quite a lot of info on player-pianos on the net - Ian McLaughlin's 'Player Piano Page' and the UK 'Player-PIano Group' are both excellent sites for starters. I know nothing about Chilton pianos specifically - but the fact that it has an Aeolian player action is good. These are well built, perform well and are (relatively) easy to restore. Regarding value - unless it's a famous make - eg. a Steinway, or has a 'reproducing' player action - ie Duo-Art, Ampico etc - then it's unlikely to be worth a great deal in monetary terms.

You state that your family has no piano players - I'd have thought that was the whole point in having a player-piano - you don't need to be able to play! The player roll plays the correct notes - you provide the expression by use of the levers and varying the degree of pedaling.

If, as you say, it's in such great condition - why not put that cabinet of rolls to good use and play them. Failing that, new piano rolls are still available - covering most styles of music. So unless you desperately need the space (or the money!) I'd suggest keeping the piano and discover it's true value - which is the enjoyment you'll get from playing it!



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Jun 25 11 6:39 AM

Aeolian Action player Chilton Player Piano

I would like to sale my upright piano but i would like to know what is a good asking price for something like this. It also has the matching cabinet that is full of the music rolls. Any Idea what i could get out of it?

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Jun 25 11 10:52 AM

Chilton piano

Hi there

I had never heard of the Chilton make of piano, but according to the UK pianos website they were one of The Aolian-Weber Piano Company's many brand names. It is a new one to me. perhaps someone can spread a bit more light onto it. It looks to me as if Chilton was a model name for a Aeolian marque piano.

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Jun 25 11 11:06 AM

How much is it worth? As you in the USA I would recommend you go to and take a look at what similar items are fetching there. It is important to look at "completed items". Look at what items DID sell for small amounts of money and also what items DIDN'T sell - not just what people are trying to sell instruments for. This will give you the best idea.

A player piano is a common item and does not fetch hardly any money today unless in good working order or there is something exceptionally interesting about it. You instrument sounds quite an average type of instrument so really, anything you can get for it at all is a good start!

If you have an eBay account just take a photo of the whole lot and start it off marked "buyer to collect" at a sensible price. Unlike here in the UK in the US distances are much greater and shipping costs for most average instruments can make sales of these things prohibitive. You may have better luck just advertising it in a local newspaper near to you or just donating it to a local charity/thrift store.

If you need to clear the piano and rolls ALWAYS sell the piano and rolls and cabinet and stool TOGETHER. This will stop you being left with the non-playing pretty worthless piano (and paying the cost of removing and dumping it yourself!) if someone fancies the roll cabinet and music.

with kind regards


Adam Ramet

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