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May 27 11 8:09 PM

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NWPPA Meeting at Taylors Bell Foundry, Loughborough England.
Despite alternative incorrect information available on the internet John Taylor, Bells, bell founders of Loughborough are the “Taylors” in Taylor-Aeolian. [Google taylor bells] Our visit took the form of a tour of the foundry where we were shown all the phases of bell casting, Including some still warm sand boxes that had just been cast that morning. The almost unique modified vertical lathes (dating from early 20th century) used to ‘tune’ the bell are actually ‘built into’ the tuning shop wall and are still used to machine the largest bells.
However many of our members found the Museum the highlight of the tour where as well as an interesting talk on the Taylor-Aeolian Carillons (well we are mechanical music fans) we also heard their Webber Duo-Art Pianola. Without doubt the most interesting exhibit was the original (Aeolian built) Tubular Bell Pianola which is Unique, it has recently been extensively restored and is now in full playing order. This can either be played from the keyboard or from paper rolls and was specially built by Aeolian at Hayes to test the special Bell Rolls produced to activate the Carillons.
The tour was followed by a buffet tea and the usual chit chat between members.
Many thanks go to Tony for organising the meeting and David for the Talk.
. . . . . . .
For those not familiar with the area Loughborough also has one of the largest Grand Carillons still in regular use in the Queens Park bell tower, built as a war memorial and first played in 1923. Regular recitals are held, currently on Sunday and Thursday afternoons –but please check their web site before making a special journey‘ – [Google Loughborough carillon].
Taylors Bell Museum is also open to the public but again opening hours are restricted so please check before visiting, [Google taylor bells ]
However with careful planning it should be possible to visit both on a Thursday.

The masters fingers on your piano

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Jun 29 14 6:39 PM

Unique Tubular Bell Pianola

Hi There, greetings from The NWPPA

I've just noticed that  Alexander Skerritt has posted a video of the Tubular Bell Pianola playing Danny Boy on YouTube

Link to  to see the video - It is well worth a look.

If you want to see the real thing I believe that you can still arrange to visit  the foundry and Museum.

Keep Pedaling.

The masters fingers on your piano

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