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May 23 11 12:25 PM

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I'm new on this forum. I'm italian and I have - from my grandfather - an interesting autoharmonium Kastner Leipzig. I never saw an instrument like mine, I only found an old advertise of an Hofber autoharmonium.
Now I'm trying to sell my instrument because I need money for restore my grandfa's Kastner autopiano (the repairers ask me 6.500 auro, is it right?), but I'd like to know someone about it.
In 1977, my grandfa payed for it 2,500,000 italians lira, wich is, actualized, about 9,000 euros. Like an autopiano, it play manually and by rolls, too. I have about 50 rolls for this - Qrs, First and so on. I will appreciate any information about this autoharmonium.
If you want to see some photos, please visit:

Than you!
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May 26 11 10:59 AM

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

I never saw a Kastner autoharmonium either, it is very interesting.
I don't dare to name a reasonable price for it. however a big Orchestrelle W sold for about 3000 euro's here a year ago. it was playing but not in perfect condition

about the kastner piano, if the 6.500 euro is only for the player part and not the piano, then it's very expensive. if they do the piano completely too it's a reasonable price I think

perhaps others have more info?

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