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Oct 18 10 3:23 PM

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Hi All, I am currently retubing a Duo Art and am left with a slight puzzle on the repeat switch. All of the diagrams and instructions that I have show a 4 port slider switch, this one has a 3 port rotary switch. One connection is from the take up spool, another goes to the play / reroll pneumatic under the keybed, the third has a copper tee with 2 of the openings reduced to bleeds the other normal 1/8th tubing size with no connections obvious or noted on disassembly. Can anyone help with where these last 2 connections from the tee might go? One bleed leads to the switch so am left with one bleed and one 1/8th connection to establish.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Picture available if I can work out how to do it! Can pm one to anyone interested.
Or can be viewed here at the bottom of the page.

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Oct 19 10 4:15 PM

Hi again, I think I have cracked this thanks to an adaption of Mr Kitner's instructions. Will let you know if it works properly when I have it all re-assembled.

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Oct 21 10 11:26 PM

I saw the post earlier on MMD and was about to suggest Kitner's manual.

I can also email you a tubing diagram where you see it installed if you like?

-- Phonola 73-note vorsetzer (in restoration) -- Steck pedal electric Duo-Art (in restoration too) -- Citro├źn Dyane (drives great, but needs restoration too)

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