Aug 12 10 1:46 AM

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In case any of you here missed the MMD announcement a few days back, I thought you might like to know that I've recently updated my roll catalogue to include a fair chunk of new rolls arranged for the pianola by Adam - he's been very busy this year! Some of them you'll have seen on YouTube - now you can have copies for your own piano.


All sorts of musical styles here - a tranch of British titles from music-hall days through to post-war light music, neither of which are found on roll to any extent. Also some jazzy versions of American syncopated piano compositions, and a few Tin Pan Alley songs that deserved an outing on roll - these come with word sheets. My favourite of the lot is the wonderful rendering of the closing music from Fellini's film 8 1/2, transcribed onto roll with all the orchestral strands weaving through each other, something you just won't get near on a standard piano transcription, should one even exist! Which reminds me to say that all but a couple of these rolls really are new, specially created from scratch.