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Apr 21 10 2:11 AM

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Hi all, I have a 1929 Straube Recordo , with a Pratt Read action
not a true reproducer, but it still has a motor, the motor is a Emerson
1/8 HP , rated at 110 volts, 60 cycles, 1150 RPM so all good there, from what I see it runs smooth and seems to have no issues ( though it's running currently without the pulley or belt on it as pump is apart , on rear of shaft and front of shaft there is a vertical screw with a small vertical housing to allow for lubrication , not sure, as I haven't touched them, but they must be the means of adding grease or oil to shaft, will add a pic tomorrow of motor to this post, after I take them..

I did take a air compressor and blew out all the dust ( carefully from inside motor) through it's opening as it was loaded with dust inside , though I didn't dismantle it, so basically what should be done with these motors for preventive measures etc?
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Apr 21 10 6:04 PM

Emerson motor

Hi Tony, the most important thing is to use 10 wt.non detergent oil,not motor oil. Motor oils have ruined more electric motors as the oil eventually evaporates and leaves the detergents and other additives behind to gum up the bearings.
Hal 1922 Mansfield Recordo, !911 Heintzman[Arts and Crafts ] 1929 Ampico Symphonique B

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