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Apr 28 09 2:28 PM

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Whilst adding to an already-long eBay thread just now, it occurred to me that perhaps we should have a separate section devoted to eBay.

The main advantage would be that the title of any new postings could specifically reflect the nature of any listings under discussion and therefore be more easily searchable. Older threads relating to listings no longer on eBay's database (i.e. after 90 days) could be deleted as part any housekeeping exercise, should the forum ever reach the limit of its storage capacity.

Adam/Neil/others, what are your thoughts?


Ian McLaughlin

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Apr 28 09 8:15 PM

it's an valid point Ian. An eBay-only area has not been created as it is potentially open to abuse by people merely highlighting into the forum items they are selling on eBay. This does happen on other similar forums where such sections exist.

Previously (and presently) on occasions where either of the main eBay threads has developed into a substantial topic in its own right the thread is been split by a moderator into its own seperate topic. The Kessels-Tilburg thread is one such example :

This achieves the desired result typically and also stops an eBay-only area expanding with a myriad of threads 99% of which lead nowhere in particular.



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