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Aug 25 12 1:01 PM

Recently restored has been a predecessor instrument to the Hupfeld Patent Piano Player. This is their mechanical player operated by card roll in a draw under the keybed and cranked (the same as the instrument shown above)​watch?v=ZoIYZt1FzqM

Have a look at the video and you can see how these instruments developed gradually over the years!



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Aug 11 14 12:24 PM

assistance needed

Dear Members
It is with sadness I inform you that Rob has passed away.

We the company have been placed in charge of all the assets including this kessels pianola discussed within this forum.

I am seeking any contacts who are interested in this pianola and all other pianola items.

Please contact me direct at
[email protected]

Ladygate Removals & Clearance

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Nov 26 14 12:32 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm pretty sure it's not Hupfeld, Kuhl & Klatt. It is a very early action of "Heilbrunn & Söhne -. Berlin, Keibelstr" I have found some advertisements and patents. In a patent (1906) pneumatics is mapped as a drawing (The valves are located between the Strikers - horizontal).
I own a Heilbrunn piano, Virtuola. It is the successor of these instruments. The music rolls are signed with H & S Schutzmarke (like your music rolls)
The crafts style of the wooden parts (very accurately made) can be seen in both instruments.

My Virtuola Music roles to play 73 notes. It is quite possible there was an older scale. In MMD I read from an instrument with 60+ tones.

H & S is unfortunately almost forgotten brand. Virtuola pianos there are still some.
The very old instruments but are probably no longer be found. This piano is a surprise.

I was specially registered for the subject. I hope someone reads it. Then I'll post a few documents.


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