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May 2 07 3:01 PM

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Here's a novel idea :

Let's all get together and make a new musical composition jointly ...specifically for the pianola! This is for all levels of musical experience - from utter novice, occassional musicians up to professional composer/arrangers.

The idea is to do your own version of a given short musical theme - about 16 bars of music that's all. If you want to do more than that you are free to do so also. The only proviso : it has to be a musical arrangement. It can be as modernistic or avant-garde as you like but please nothing of the John Cage / "conceptual-art" variety. You are aiming to write 16 bars of music to be played on a single piano keyboard of 88-notes tuned in the usual manner.

The segments are then all joined up in a suitable order. The roll gets a public performance at the end of the project. Copies of the finished roll will be made available to participants and anyone else interested. Everyone participating gets credit! This could be the start of your new musical career!

Let me know if you are interested in joining in with this idea and off we go! As I said : ANY level of musical experience is welcomed from absolute novice to world-class known composers. It is open to utterly anyone of any age, sex, race, religion, nationality whatever.

There will be a choice of a few different musical themes to inspire you also to ensure that the finished piece is musically more varied. You can choose one or all - it's your choice.

I will post the musical themes (in both midi and regular printed notation also) here in a few days time so check back!


*1907 Brinsmead Angelus 58/65
*1913 Bluthner Hupfeld 65/88
*1904 Aeolian "D" Orchestrelle
*1926 Aeolian PDA Duo-Art
*1916 Gilbert Higel 88n

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May 6 07 9:11 PM

The Ramet Variations


Just saw this last night - what a fantastic project I have been thinking about it all day. I have absolutely no experience or real musical skill - but I reckon I could manage 16 bars. I will probably need someone musically literate to review my score - but I would love to have a go.

Look forward to recieving your 'cobblers patch(es)'.


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Jul 1 07 10:39 AM

Here they are! The first themes to have a bash at!

Tune #1
Tune #2
Tune #3
Tune #4

These are all folk tunes from a 19th century book of Magyar (i.e. Hungarian) melodies. You should be able to open these in your regular midi-editor and faddle about adding bits in and adjusting until you rival Liszt or Brahms....that's the theory. Of course, you can do as much or little as you like, you could just do 16 bars or go on to do much more as you like. The tunes are in no special order either. How all the submitted pieces get strung together ultimately remains to be decided depending on how this all develops. Fee free to post you comments and questions here and also you efforts if you want comments on it as you go. Have fun!


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Jul 1 07 9:46 PM

Hi Adam

Great themes - is there any chance of having them as an ordinary music scores? That would make it easier for me to 'compose' at the piano - especially now that I have finally got her to concert pitch



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