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Apr 26 08 11:22 PM

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I have access to a 65 note pianola, and I really want to transfer a composition onto a piano roll to play on it

I had originally thought I would convert a midi file into a vector drawing file, carefully re-size it and then use a computer aided vinyl cutter at a signmakers...

but at the moment, i am a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of how to get it properly sized and configured, and would appreciate any advise...

I also realise the thinness of paper is important and the vinyl cutter might not handle it very well - can you get hand held hole punchers???

I'm really quite a beginner in all of this - but enthusiastic !
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Apr 27 08 9:58 AM

Hi Kathy,

The easiest way is to create a MIDI file and send it to someone with the necessary computerised perforating equipment. Here in the UK, Julian Dyer offers this service, but only for 88-note and Duo-Art rolls.

However, you could try contacting Bob Billings in the USA, as he once produced a large batch of 65-note rolls for me. Roll producers usually work to a minimum quantity of about 5 rolls for a one-off production.

Bob's email address is perforator [at] sbcglobal [dot] net


Ian McLaughlin

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Apr 27 08 10:40 AM

Thanks very much Ian - and also thanks Julian Dyer for also giving me the same information by email (as I emailled him aswell as posting on the forum)
You guys certainly know your stuff and are very quick to respond!
I have contacted Bob in Nevada - meanwhile - some cutting-out-by-hand is about to start!

All best wishes

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