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Jan 9 11 10:52 AM

Herman Avery Wade

Finally , some selections from musical comedy, there were undoubtedly many more.

ADELE Selection 300632 / 300633
DOLL GIRL Selection 300708 / 300709
ALL ABOARD ! Selection 300625
LITTLE CAFE Selection 300775
PASSING SHOW OF 1914 Selection 301199
CHIN CHIN Selection
KATINKA Selection
and of course the roll Julian mentioned ,
OH OH DELPHINE ! Two step 300198

Three other rolls , credited to Edwin E Wilson
FOLLIES 1916 Medley 302833
FOLLOW ME Selection 303088
CANARY COTTAGE Selection 302769

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Jan 9 11 11:04 AM

Herman Avery Wade

Well , there you have it ! Those are all the Herman Avery wade rolls that I know of as of the present time, no doubt the list will grow in due course !
The catalogue number I have given for MOTOR RIDE , 300242 is the correct one , and not 300342 as given in a previous posting, also I have seen FAVOURITE INTERMEZZO MEDLEY issued in UK in two parts , but I can't recall on which label that was, may have been Meloto. Also if anyone has a SPARE copy of FAMOUS GERMAN MARCHES . or indeed any other March medley arranged by Herman Avery Wade , Please get in touch as I would dearly like to have another copy as my roll of FAMOUS GERMAN MARCHES is missing part at the beginning. Finally , out of interest , I mentioned earlier that a few of Herman Avery Wade's arrangements were issued in 58 note format for Orchestrelle and Aeolian Player organs. AWUNDA , ACORKA , BROADWAY 1912 , VICTOR HERBERT TUNEFUL MEDLEY as the ones known to me. I have a copy of
the Victor Herbert medley myself.
THAT's ALL from NOW !
Good Morning from a Sunny Hampshire .

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#23 [url]

Jan 9 11 9:51 PM

Herman Avery Wade

Hello again. I've just spotted the " deliberate mistake" in my recent posting of Herman Avery Wade rolls !
The catalogue number of ASTUNNER Medley should read 300878 and not 300157 which is the number for AHUMMER.
Interestingly , Aeolian had previously issued an 88 note roll 82054 entitled HUMMER Medley Overture, composed by Meacham, presumably the same man who composed the famous piece AMERICAN PATROL.
Whilst I am the subject of catalogue numbers , I can add the following : MY HULA HULA LOVE Medley Two steo is 98675

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#24 [url]

Jan 10 11 1:16 AM

Very interesting. That's about 90 titles - I've clearly a lot more collecting scope yet! I've checked the few I do have, though, and find I can add two more titles,...

A-Fizzy 302437 [its label hyphenated and capitalised as shown]

Broadway Fox Trot Medley 301949 [this appears to be additional to the Broadway 1912-1915 series - its first tune is "Mary's Li'l Lamb"]

And numbers for these...

AWINNA 99295
Passing Show 1915 302057


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#25 [url]

Jan 28 11 11:56 AM

herman avery wade

Good Morning ! Three more Herman Avery Wade arranged piano rolls, details of which have recently come to my attention are :
AMERICA FIRST Patriotic One step Medley 302495
LAUGHING HUSBAND Selection 300945
GIRL FROM UTAH Medley One-step 301389

All for now
Best wishes

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#26 [url]

Mar 1 11 3:10 PM

herman avery wade

Hello to all Forumers !
Just a little to add to the previous postings , with couple more roll titles and some additional catalogue numbers,

FOLLIES OF 1914 Selection


and to confirm that A-TINGLER Medley is arranged by Wade, 302575.

Also numbers for KRACKAJACK , 99835 and HIP HIP HOORAY Medley, 302239.

There will be more , I'm sure !


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#27 [url]

Apr 5 11 10:23 AM

Herman Avery Wade

Good Morning !
Another Herman Avery Wade roll titles and some catalogue numbers to add to previous postings.


... and catalogue numbers for , A-WHALE ( also to confirm this is a Herman Avery Wade arrangement ) 301403
HAWAIIAN MEDLEY One-step 301959
JIGS and REELS Medley No 1 302585
( JIGS and REELS Medley No 2 303105 is arranged by Edwin E Wilson )

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#28 [url]

Aug 22 11 6:31 PM

herman avery wade

Good evening All !

Yet another fine Wade arranged medley roll I have recently acquired,

BRILLIANT BROADWAY Medley One-step 300016

All for now

Best wishes


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#29 [url]

Jul 23 12 10:38 AM

Just an update - I have managed to track down some info on Harry Derry and thought I'd post it here so Google will eventually pick it up. He seems to have been Dr. Henry Bromley Derry, christened 9 Sep 1885 in Stratford-on-Avon, married 27 April 1909 to Gertrude Powell, had a daughter named Aileen Gertrude Joyce Derry on May 11 1910, appears in the 1911 Census as 'Professor of Music', served in WW1 in the King's Own Regiment as the bandmaster listing his civilian occupation as 'organist'. He finished the war as a Sergeant, at some point during his life being awarded the Member of the Royal Victorian Order, and died 4 April 1954 in London.

A web search for "H. Bromley Derry" will reveal he had a veritable alphabet after his name, authored more than one book, served as organist at several distinguished chapels, and also composed music himself. A very accomplished fellow, indeed.
'Preserving The Music Of Yesterday'
Free MIDI Files Scanned From Piano Rolls

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#30 [url]

Oct 1 15 3:04 PM

Recent Wade Discovery in the USA

From a collection of piano rolls circa 1914 to 1916, we found a Herman Avery Wade arrangement called "Broadway Echoes", with the following delightful songs: Some Boys, Melinda's Wedding Day, On the Mississippi, At the Devil's Ball, Goodnight Nurse, and My Yellow Jacket Girl.  The music roll brand is "Eighty-Eight-Note", New York City, and the number is 300395.

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#31 [url]

Oct 1 15 3:23 PM

Ellis LInder Rags Again

Ellis Linder arranged a non-stop medley called "Latest Ragtime Hits, No. 3", and the titles are Junk Man Rag, Movie Rag, International Rag, and Entertainer's Rag. It is an "Eighty-Eight-Note" brand music roll from New York City circa 1915, and bears the catalogue number 18866.

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