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Mar 28 08 9:09 PM

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Imhof & Muckle roll! It's one of the wooden cartridge type rolls, looks in tired-tired condition. What's very very interesting about it is the roll designation! The titles are listed as V&E and Violinsolo. This is then quite likely for the "Lord 3 Orchestrion" with seperate "Echo cabinet" see Bowers Encyclopedia p.475!

any surviving instruments to play this? er......


2 lots of rolls for a Kuhl & Klatt "Pneuma" orchestion (Bowers p.70
*1907 Brinsmead Angelus 58/65
*1913 Bluthner Hupfeld 65/88
*1904 Aeolian "D" Orchestrelle
*1926 Aeolian PDA Duo-Art
*1916 Gilbert Higel 88n

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Mar 29 08 1:20 PM

Here's an interesting find:

With restoration and refinished case...hmmmmm

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Mar 29 08 9:48 PM

How About This One?

What makes this piano so pricey? Looks like a first class restoration (cosmetically anyway).

Change is the only constant in all of the universe.

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Mar 29 08 9:58 PM

In regards to the Ebay item Paul listed above ,i was wondering about the pump.It looks like an Aeolian 4 lobe tug boat version? , could the player be all original with another brands pump?.

*1907: Orchestrelle Model V .
*1911 Steinway 65/88 Model I
*1912: Weber Pianola Grand. (currenty been
*1920: Weber Duo Art upright.

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Mar 30 08 1:03 AM

No, this is a proper Hupfeld - their basic expression piano, musically quite effective but limited. Interesting and nice-looking, but substantially overpriced, the classic mistake of thinking that cash spent on restoration adds to the value!


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Mar 30 08 1:57 AM

I have just noticed that in the close-up of the upper left of the inside of the case is a row of bells. Not familiar with this piano at all.

Scratch this comment. It's the string pins and the reflection of the strings on the stack makes it look like flat bars with hammers above.

Change is the only constant in all of the universe.

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Apr 1 08 6:47 PM

'tis not Dr Duarte (who is currently gibbering at an old age home) but it is certainly an April Fools-inspired moment of light-heartedness!

this is one reely cool antique…. it is a really rare old pianolo scroll. it is like made of old paper which rips easy. It is written by The Modist who was one off the really gr8 classical composers like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paul MacCartney and Liberace. the tune is not easy to reed but I think its called Car Fumes Driver. it is played by Valse Burger who I think must b was a mega famous star a long time ago. u need 2 ask someone who knows and they’ll tell you.

it is 102 years old. I know nuffing about these old scrolls but my mate said it must b 100 years old and that was 2 years ago. He should now as he plys keyboard in a band. -----he said the roll will play on any pianola which takes this size of roll. I think it is a bit like a a bit like a ringtone as it says TL20814 on the box.

it is v old & got 2 b worth lots of money….. the roller is in really good nick but it like does have lots of little holes and i dont have time to tape them all up to make it airtight again. it will take he whinging bidder a long time but worth it as u don’t see them now…… I see it says full scale so you might need to get some de-scaler to get it clean again but no problem as u often find this on antiqes so don’t worry…….

I have not measured it but I would say the pee and oler role is about a size 12. it is really really long. we had to take it outside as it was to big for the room to get it all in the pix and then we needed a brick or 2 to stop the wind blowing it down the street. If you find any creases in it u can always iron them out wiv a steam iron and fix any rips wiv selotape to make it as good as new. the box is nice to but we forgot to put it in the photo.

Postage abroad will cost a bit more.

Happy bidding !!

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Apr 1 08 10:35 PM

I note the start of the roll's been chopped off as well and the leader re-attached. It would have been too long to fit in the picture otherwise.


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Apr 2 08 11:41 AM

Hello everone,

Over the past few months Pianola Forum members have had some good laughs at the expense of eBay sellers less knowledgeable and literate than themselves. I thought it time the tables were turned, if only for one day. And what better day could there be for some light-hearted fun than 1st April?

I am pleased that my April Fool’s Day prank was well-received and provided some amusement. I hope anyone fooled by it, if only briefly, will find it just as easy to laugh at themselves as others.

I am flattered that the nonsense I wrote has been deemed worthy of preservation via the pages of the Pianola Forum. It was knowingly targeted at Forum members rather that the average eBay buyer, most of whom I suspect will have been rather bemused by it all. I hope it provided readers with as many laughs as I got when writing it.

Of course the roll concerned is not Car Fumes Driver by The Modist played by Valse Burger. For the record it is actually Parfumes d’Hiver (valse) by Berger, issued on Themodist TL20814. And when was the last time such an unremarkable roll was the subject of so much attention?

Best wishes,
John Watson

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#12 [url]

Apr 2 08 12:51 PM

For the record it is actually Parfumes d’Hiver (valse) by Berger, issued on Themodist TL20814. And when was the last time such an unremarkable roll was the subject of so much attention?

...when someone sees an image of Virgin Mary in the holes and it sells for US$1m to that casino in the States that's when... go getting any big ideas now! I thought of it first!

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#15 [url]

Apr 8 08 3:54 AM

A cute little Kemble player has popped up on Trademe, New Zealand's version of Ebay.

It's a small, compact, rather deco/modern looking piece, with rounded corners and no case ornamentation. The seller has apparently contacted Kemble with the serial number and been given a date of 1938/9.

My question - is this an accurate date? I find it hard to believe anyone was manufacturing players this late in the game. Can Adam, Julian, or one of our other UK experts tell us anything about Kemble players?
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#16 [url]

Apr 8 08 5:20 PM

cute? I'm gladd I'm allowed to have an own opinion about that....

-- Phonola 73-note vorsetzer (in restoration) -- Steck pedal electric Duo-Art (in restoration too) -- Citroën Dyane (drives great, but needs restoration too)

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#17 [url]

Apr 8 08 8:02 PM

Indeed, it is all quite possible. I have a 1938 Music Trades Directory and there's a long list of companies still notionally in the player trade in 1938 in the UK. It was reproduced in the PPG bulletin not long ago. Whilst the player piano did go out of major production by the early 30s there were some companies who made a limited amount of new instruments throughout the 30s and also the 40s. In the US everything creashed in 1929 really but in the UK things did drift on a little. I have certainly seen instruments that were without any doubt built in the 30s and even 40s. There was a Triumph Autopiano on UK eBay the other week with a very similar case to this Kemble. Player actions were built and installed by "APPA" through the 40s and I've seen a few of these surface from time to time. They sometimes turn up in "Farrand" player pianos. Again, there was one of these on UK eBay the other day. They have quite angular square plain cases, usually oak, and the word "Farrand" is in italic lettering.



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#18 [url]

Apr 9 08 10:15 PM

Adam's right, there was a residual production of players in the UK until the later 1930s, and I've seen an original Triumph like this, a tiny piano by player standards.

There was good business through the 1930s in 'streamlining' older pianos by taking off mouldings and rounding the corners: a cut-down player was on eBay recently, but underneath it was a 1920s instrument.

APPA (Automatic Player Piano Actions) was run by Harry Palmer, who had been factory superintendent at Aeolian's Hayes factory when it shut in 1931, and his younger borother. APPA was operating well into the 1970s, and quite probably would have made a new player surprisingly late in the day if asked to do so.


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