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Oct 31 07 7:43 PM

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AS the PM system seems a bit dodgy (discovered several messages lurking in my out box from a while back that had never been processed.
I wondered why I never got a reply?

So message for Adam and anyone else who finds it interesting below, I don't have your email address so every one gets to read this!

Hi Adam,

Currently there is what looks to be a rather nice Pianola Bench in Mahogany for sale on Ebay.

It would match my Player very well.

Unfortunately for me it is in St Albans and is collection only!

Do you know anyone who lives around those parts who would be willing to collect it and look after it for a while until I next come down south?
I would be willing to pay for the service.

Maybe a bit of a tall order but if I don't ask it certainly won't happen!

On a separate matter I have contacted QRS in the states requesting prices and shipping charges on their rolls details of discount on quantity etc.
I shall be also finding out what customs duty VAT etc. would be payable (on a quantity)

I have just ordered one (to be brought over by my brother in Texas - currently a much cheaper option than buying one here but I have to wait for it)

If it is feasible then I would be willing to order a batch of specific rolls for people that wish to buy them.

If so I would also consider putting a website together to advertise this service.

I don't expect to make much if anything out of the enterprise if it does go ahead. What do you think?


Member of PPG and BVWS

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Oct 31 07 9:29 PM

Hi there Andy,

Try asking the seller if he knows the people at the St Albans Museum (I have a strong suspicion the seller is connected to them!) If so then it might be possible to arrange pick up / storage / collection etc.

As to QRS rolls, well, the dollar is now $2.066 to the £ the highest in 26 years so technically there has never been a better time to buy from the US (or a worse time for them to buy from us!)

Lets see what we can get together as an order. I will mention it around all my contacts also. There are a few rip-off merchants in the UK charging £12, £15, £23 + VAT + shipping and all sort of shenanigans for dregs titles when the stuff is now so cheap in £sterling it's a joke. Now is clearly the time to buy all those QRS rolls we've thought about buying for years but never quite around to it because of the cost! They've put up the cost and whittled the catalogue down a little but there's still mountains of good stuff there.

It's a shame Mastertouch, the Australian roll company, folded the other year. Shipping and the cost of the Australian $ to the £ meant it was prohibitive to ship the stuff to the UK. They did have a very very nice catalogue (frequently dismissed and wrongly under-rated). I spoke with somone who came over to the UK to discuss possibilities but the company was really too far lost by the time they came over to talk matters through. A real shame.

Anyway, anyone interested chuck a post into the forum about a QRS order and we'll take it onward from there.



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