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Details of all NWPPA meetings for 2016 are now available on our new website at www.pianola.org.uk Just follow the menu to 'Meetings'   If you have any problems with this link then please google < nwppa on google > and follow the link.

First get together this year we are holding our Third 'Workshop', this time entitled “Re-covering Player Piano Pneumatics “
For details of this and all our other meetings please see our Website and contact the relevant member of the NWPPA either by EMail or using the Telephone Nos. on the website (This is so we can keep contact details up to date.)
Our second Workshop last year 'Keeping your Pianola playing' was fully booked and proved very popular with those who attended

This year we have social meetings in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Notts. so there should be something for everyone.smiley: happy

To join the NWPPA contact our Membership Secretary Derrick (Details as usual on www.pianola.org.uk under 'Membership' )

Bob Kissick

The masters fingers on your piano