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Oct 9 14 9:43 PM

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I have just been given a beautiful John Spencer pianola. Its in fully working condition are we are really enjoying it! However, i dont know anything about pianos or the player mechanism so i am keen to learn about it. I have heard that its possible to make they keys move once the pianola is playing, as the keys are currently not being tapped down accordingly with the hammers, you can only slightly feel the keys moving for each note played. Does anyone have experience carrying out this procedure themselves, any tips, videos, manuals, or literature on how to achieve this would be very appreciated!

There is a link to the pianola and pics as it was recently listed on ebay. ( schroll down to see the listing as it has ended)

Thank you!
Best, Alexandra
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Nov 12 14 8:54 PM

the english pianola keys dont move. yours is a typical english style pianola. you can put weights on the keys but this will ruine the keyboard. the english keys are very easy to move like a big piano. my one is an english steck and has the same not moving keys.
best regards

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