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Apr 3 13 9:54 PM

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Hi, I would like to create a midi file to create a piano roll and I wondered whether there was any free software avalable to help me create one? If there isn't, could anyone suggest any software that is good for creating them with,
many thanks in advance!
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Apr 4 13 1:14 PM

Hi There

I have a program that my son (smiley: glasses a computer whiz) downloaded to my PC called Anvil Studio, Whilst I do not 'compose' midi files myself, usually downloading them from the internet, Anvil does allow you to 'compose', using either a musical stave or a 'piano roll' view.   Unfortunately (on my PC) using  'piano roll' view only about half the keyboard is on screen at any one time - this is not too inconvenient  you can scroll up and down to see the rest.   However the basic program is a 'Free' download so you can have a play with it.
Either Google <anvil studio> or go to < > .
If you do have a go please let us know what you think of it, I'd like to try out any 'rolls'  you compose in Midi format  - I have a Yamaha 'Portable' digital piano which sounds quite good playing from the computer.
Good luck with the files.

Play it again Sam.

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